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The goal of the CHART project (August 2021 - August 2022) is to engage the diverse citizenry of the city and county of Santa Fe, New Mexico, in activities

that will solicit their perspectives and opinions about issues that matter

to them as well as to foster a mutual understanding of shared values.


Though sparked by controversies about monuments and statues, the project is much broader in scope and purpose. The original proposal was for the

formation of a committee that would deliberate and make recommendations

for the disposition of monuments and statues that became controversial flashpoints in the summer of 2020.

Upon further research and reflection, the City of Santa Fe Governing Body 

decided that far better outcomes would be achieved through a grassroots process that invites and facilitates community member-to- community

member dialogue.


 Ultimately, citizens who participate in the many and various activities of the project will contribute to a large body of information, feedback, and data

that will inform a report with forward-looking recommendations to the

City of Santa Fe Governing Body. View contract requirements here.

After an RFP application and selection process, Artful Life LLC was awarded

the CHART contract in August of 2021 and administers the project as

an independent consultant/contractor. View the contract

requirements here.


Activities include:

*two surveys

*various forms of public dialogue

*cultural history series

*one-on-one interviews

*art activations

*anti-racism and implicit bias training

*data collection and evaluation

*community solutions table

*final report with recommendations


Particular efforts will be made to engage a diverse citizenry through a multi-modal outreach and engagement strategy. This will include diversity in terms

of age, race, cultural background, gender identity, sexual orientation,

language, internet access, and more in order to include a balance of

perspectives and opinions. 

Because truth, healing and reconciliation are, by necessity, part of a continual, years-long process, CHART will build on past and existing initiatives to

nurture a strong foundation for continuing work.


We are especially inspired by the words of the historic September 2018 city proclamation that resulted from one year of conversations between the

All Pueblo Council of Governors, Archdiocese of Santa Fe, the

Caballeros de Vargas, and the Santa Fe Fiesta Council.


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