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How did the CHART project come about?

Click here for some background.

How did CHART do its work?

Click here for the project deliverables.

Who can participate in CHART?

CHART activities are for the residents of the city and county

of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

How long was the CHART project?

CHART was a 12-month process, from August 2021-August 2022.

How did CHART engage a diverse community of Santa Feans?

See CHART's engagement strategy here. 

How many people participated in CHART?

See the results of outreach and engagement

in the CHART final report.

 Will the CHART Team decide the fate of Soldier's Monument/Obelisk?

No. Team members do not take a stand on any issue. The CHART team is charged with facilitating a public engagement process designed to LISTEN to the views of residents of the City and County of Santa Fe and gather a body of information, input and data. This information will include opinions about the disposition of Soldier's Monument as well as a wide range of additional issues important to residents. These will inform recommendations to the City of Santa Fe Governing Body at the end of the project

and the Governing Body will decide whether to act upon CHART recommendations.

What is the Community Solutions Table?

The members of the Community Solutions Table consisted of individuals who consistently participated in the project and were selected after the majority of the public events had occurred. Membership on the Community Solutions Table was intentionally diverse in

terms of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. It included a balance of perspectives

and opinions on the City’s culture, histories, and stories, as well as a balance of

perspectives on the obelisk and other monuments and statues. As a group, Table

members reviewed a large body of data collected over the course of public

engagement activities (surveys, dialogue session notes, one-on-one interview

notes, results of art activations, responses to Cultural History Series events, and

more) and used this as a basis for proposing recommendations to be included,

along with others, in the final report.


How can I get quarterly updates about the CHART project?

You can find recordings of CHART updates to the City of Santa Fe

on the "Events" page. Scroll down to find links to videos.

Where can I see the results of the CHART project?

Read the CHART final report here.


How can I contact the CHART team?

Click here to subscribe to CHART e-blasts

and/or send an email to the team.

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