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Become a Neighborhood Historian

Join the Santa Fe Public Library and Littleglobe and become your neighborhood's historian.

The Neighborhood Historians Project addresses the imperative need for community-centered history-gathering, where the process is just as important as the content being recorded.

Community members will train to use professional recording equipment, gather oral histories among their friends and family, edit their recordings into fluid storytelling, and archive their creations in a public digital repository hosted by the Santa Fe Public Library.

In addition to documenting community memory, the project hopes to foster a sense of belonging and cultural ownership among Santa Feans, providing space for Santa Feans to tell their own stories on their own terms.

Through community workshops, storybooths, and skills training, the Neighborhood Historians Project seeks to empower Santa Feans to become co-creators of a rich living history, encouraging community dialogue, healing, and the collective determination of where our story goes from here.

For more information contact:

Dylan Tenorio at or 505.980.6218

Esther Rydzik at or 505.955.6791

Lydia O’Reilly at or 505.955.4860

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