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WE ASKED SANTA FEANS, "WHAT DESERVES A MONUMENT, MEMORIAL, OR WORK OF ART IN THE CITY OR COUNTY OF SANTA FE?" and received 85 proposals for CHART's "Monumental Dreams & Conversations" program. The proposals have

created a pool of prospective monuments, memorials, and works of public art that

communicate what is important to residents of the city and county.  The goal of “Monumental

Dreams and Conversations” is to express who and what we value as well as generate

conversations about the movements, events, things, places, and people that matter to us.


The project, modeled on "Paper Monuments of New Orleans, is a requirement

of the CHART contract. 

Learn more about the "Monumental Dreams and Conversations" program HERE.


Deadline for public comment: midnight, Sunday, July 10, 2022. The proposals and public comments

will become part of the large body of data collected during the CHART project. The information

tells us what is important to residents and what they value as well as what

resonates with fellow citizens.


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