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  1. Design the community dialogue sessions, one-on-one interviews, online survey, and Community Solutions Table with an evaluator to ensure equity, inclusion and non-bias questions/framing 

  2. Manage an engagement calendar and schedule of online and in-person convenings, interviews and other interaction as needed

  3. Identify and train a team of facilitators for community dialogue sessions, one-on-one interviews, online survey and Community Solutions Table

  4. Pair facilitators or co-facilitators with conveners of organizational and community dialogue sessions 

  5. Conduct regular check in sessions for facilitators 

  6. Ensure multi-lingual and accessibility access including not limited to child care when in person meetings are allowable by State Public Health Order

  7. Collaborate with the City project team on city-wide outreach including but not limited to organizations and individuals 

  8.  Coordinate and set meeting schedules with the City project team

  9. Participate in weekly check-ins with the City project team regarding logistics and schedules 

  10. Design, coordinate, implement and manage Communications including social media, press releases, website, written summary reports, etc in coordination with the City Director 

  11. Provide quarterly updates to the Governing Body on the status of the CHART process

  12. Bilingual Spanish and other languages including American Sign Language as needed


  1. Provide implicit and anti-racism training sessions to but not limited to City elected officials, City Project Team, City Directors and/or others as identified by the City

  2. Convening of community dialogue sessions by organizations

  3.  Facilitate, as appropriate, a number of community dialogue sessions open generally to community members unaffiliated with a particular community organization 

  4. Facilitate one-on-one interviews 

  5. Facilitate Community Solutions Table 

  6. Facilitate convenings primarily via online platforms, although some in-person sessions may be public health criteria status

  7. Bilingual Spanish and other languages including American Sign Language as needed

 Art Activations

  1. Engage Santa Fe’s artistic and cultural community to produce 5-8 art activations modeled on but not exclusive to Paper Monuments. Undertake artist outreach that includes all mediums, ages and career levels particularly with focus on Black Indigenous People of Color, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Queer and non-binary and those from traditionally disenfranchised communities

  2. Provide artists to be paid as possible.

  3. Identify locations for art activations include but not limited to the downtown Plaza as well as midtown and southside of Santa Fe.

  4. Utilize artist selection process that is call format and is to be as accessible as possible through simplified application,

  5. Coordinate with the City for site identification.

  6. Provide bilingual Spanish and other languages including American Sign Language as needed. 

 Cultural History Series

  1. Create series focusing on Santa Fe and northern New Mexico history, present and future for both online and in person (when feasible).

  2. Engage with historians, artists, culture bearers, storytellers, scientists, makers, etc. in formats that will engage a wide range of ages and interests examples include panels, speaker series, pecha kuchas, interviews, storytelling, performance, etc.

  3. Record and document all sessions for access to the public via City website/youtube or similar.

  4. Evaluate each session for efficacy and impact.

Reporting and Evaluation

  1. Responsible for summarizing and/or collecting discussions notes from all engagements (convenings, interviews, survey) for the Community Solutions Table

  2. Create and implement an evaluation for both participants and trained team facilitators on the process and outcomes 

  3. Use of data visualization, infographics, dashboards etc. that expresses data in various representation to convey the stories and information behind the numbers

  4. Create a Final Report on the CHART Initiative (convenings, surveys, interviews, art activations, cultural history series, etc.) in a format for use and consideration by the Governing Body to inform its deliberation and evaluation for future process, action, and decisions and include but not limited to recommendations for continued city-wide engagement 

  5. Create content for communications for updates and outreach in both digital and print in both Spanish and English, other languages as necessary

CONTRACT DURATION:  12 months - August, 2021 - August 2022



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